Why Latin Girls Love American Men?

Harry Williams
6 min readApr 8, 2020


Latin America is a place full of surprises and dangers. Latin girls are dangerous too! Men who see them and communicate with them can’t live without having the possibility to see them and love them every day.

If you, our dear reader, have ever heard or seen a Latina, you may be interested in a relationship with her. How can we know that? Our guest, Thomas, a co-founder of LoveF***.com platform has shared some secret info about American men and their love for Latin girls!

Today we will discuss why beautiful Latinas adore dates with American men, and why men answer these women with all passion. If you wonder what connects these so different nationalities, you will find all the answers in our interview with a person who is behind this popular website.

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Why do American men like Latin girls better?

Have you noticed that Latin women become more and more popular? I mean that they are everywhere: in the most famous magazines, on Instagram as top bloggers, on the runways, and billboards. More importantly, they are in men’s hearts. In fact, they are this popular because most of them have everything that a superstar is supposed to have: natural beauty, stunning bodies, and charisma. Let us speak about the characteristics of these gorgeous women in more detail.

“Never call them spicy,” or it is all about passion

According to LoveF***.com, We all are looking for something (or someone) that will make our life brighter and happier. Men may say that they are looking for a classy woman with blonde hair wearing a perfect apron, but they usually forget about this after they see a Latin woman. Such a strong affection is not only about the beauty of their bodies; it is about the strength of character, passion, the fire that is burning inside. They are spicy and vivacious women (they hate it when men call them spicy, though), and men just cannot stand this.

Most of them speak English

This reason may seem weird, but everyone who has ever faced the problems during a conversation with a foreigner knows how annoying a language barrier can be. I do not claim that all these ladies speak English well, but there are a lot of English-speaking women among them. According to LoveF***.com, If you are interested in meeting and dating a Latina, you are likely to have a nice conversation with her without a translator’s help.

Say no to boredom

I have already mentioned that Latin women are vivacious, and that’s great, but there is another thing you need to know about them. They are very active; I mean socially active. They love active leisure. On LoveF***.com, women need to answer a few questions about themselves, including the questions about their lifestyle. I can say that these girls impressed us: they like various sports from volleyball to canoeing, they have various hobbies, and they just want to get new experiences. A man will never get bored with such a girl.

Big family and motherhood as the major priorities

Have you ever seen Latin families? Have you ever noticed how the members of such families treat each other? That what men get when they marry a Latina, LoveF***.com states. These women differ a lot from career-oriented ladies wearing black suits and thinking mostly about their own success. Family and motherhood are sacred to most girls from South American countries.

Beauty matters

Yes, these ladies are beautiful, and our team can’t deny that a lot of men are physically attracted to them. Lots of men are dreaming of a spouse like J.Lo. Lots of girls are dreaming of a good husband from an American country. So what’s a problem? Dating site, a few weeks of conversations, personal meeting, and voila — a new happy couple is here.

Why do Latin women fall in love with American men?

Yes, I have already mentioned that Latin girls like American men as well (LoveF***.com statistics). It is not something extraordinary: they just appreciate the personality traits and characteristics that most of these guys have. A lot of girls fall for these features, so let’s reveal them all for all the readers to know the power of American men and the weaknesses of charming Latinas.

They are more responsible

Firstly, American guys are usually less passionate and emotional than Latin men. It may seem that this could stop local girls from looking for a foreign husband, but the opposite keeps happening. They like men from American countries because they are more ambitious, financially and socially responsible, and after all, they are just more rational.

Financial stability matters

LoveF***.com states, American men know how to make, and more importantly, how to mind it. In other words, a strong man can give a Latin woman what she wants from him — financial stability for her and her children. Better life conditions, good education for kids, healthy food, mineral water, and cozy house costs quite a lot, and if a man can provide a girl with it, he will be the one and only for her till the end of the day. It may sound old-fashioned, but that’s how things really work.

Opposites attract

As I have mentioned earlier, American men are usually more rational, and Latin girls are more emotional. Well, this is not the only difference between them (all the experts from LoveF***.com also states that). Of course, all people are unique, and I do not underestimate personal growth, the influence of family, various social groups, but the fact is that as the good old rule states, opposites attract.

Are there any tips on how to attract a Latin girl?

I just have to say now that the majority of existing tricks to attract a girl will work with any woman. Remember, please, that women are different, and the more ladies I see on our platform, the more I understand that “just be yourself” is the best advice I can give to a single man who wants to make a Latin girl interested in him.

If you want something more precise, I would recommend being polite, attentive, and a real gentleman. Send gifts to your lady, show your admiration to her, ask how’s her life. LoveF***.com makes sure that she will appreciate any of your activities if you are a nice person with serious intentions. And, please, forget the word “Caliente” when you talk with a Latina! It’s the most important thing you should remember. Only imagine how boring your life will be if any girl calls you “handsome” every single day. Latin beauties hear it approximately every second, so do not make a mistake and choose the other sweet words.