Why are Slavic women so popular all over the world?

Harry Williams
3 min readNov 23, 2020

At first sight, it seems that Slavic girls and American men live in different worlds. Their way of thinking accepted values and beliefs drastically vary from each other. Once they meet, they would have nothing in common to talk about, let alone build a loving relationship. However, a large number of American men and Slavic women have proven the opposite: they are destined for each other and chase every opportunity to meet and communicate.

We have recently interviewed Helen Hopkins, the founder of the AAA platform, which connects western men with young Slavic beauties. The platform is free, but apart from this advantage, men are required to complete a short questionnaire about their intentions, making the platform a trustworthy and reliable place protecting women from immature relationships.

Helen Hopkins agreed on telling us what exactly attracts men from western countries to start a relationship with a Slavic girl. But the thing is that this attraction is mutual. It turns out that this intercontinental trend is topical also among Slavic women. They are also triggered to register on AAA and find their western man.

Why did you start AAA?

Western men in their middle ages have already reached some steady place; they own a car, have a house, and look for a long-lasting relationship. At the same time, they have struggled to find a partner who will always be by their side and support the family. I am personally one of those women who have started a family with a Western man almost ten years ago and live a happy life. That is why I began AAA to help other women find their happiness.

Why would an American man be interested in starting a relationship with a Slavic girl?

There is an ongoing discussion about the charm and beauty of Slavic girls, but you will never truly know until you meet them. See for yourself by navigating through AAA and start chatting with one of those lovely girls. According to many men, Slavic women are great marriage partners who have traditional values they want to preserve in their families. So, let’s see what is it that makes Slavic girls perfect marriage partners?


IT’s not possible to neglect the Slavic beauty starting from their perfect body shapes, finishing with light eyes and hair, facial features, which are undoubtedly different from those of western women. The way they look is a gift from nature, but they also love taking care of themselves and emphasize their beauty even more. This doesn’t mean they love putting on heavy makeup. You will never see a Slavic girl looking too unnatural, but they love doing skincare routines, and that’s why they always look younger. Slavic girls enjoy wearing dresses and heels that emphasize their beautiful body shapes. They select their clothes carefully when leaving the house even for grocery shopping. These girls always love looking at their best regardless of the occasion.


Many western men at AAA complain about the fact that western women lose their femininity when it’s no special occasion. Most of them prefer comfort over beauty, and men specifically don’t like women wearing “active-wear” most of the time. On the other hand, Slavic girls love dressing up daily, that’s an integral part of their daily routine. If you are tired of women who lose their femininity after a month of dating, you should start dating a Slavic girl and see for yourself how feminine they can be.


Even if you think when dating Slavic girl things may not go smoothly, you should at least have a daily conversation with her to find out. You are guaranteed to share a talk with an intelligent woman who has a curious nature, personal worldviews, and thoughts on different aspects of life. Most of the Slavic girls are well educated and have a college degree. They also love learning foreign languages and new cultures, assuring you will always have something to talk about with her.


And last but not least, loyalty is one of the most important features of Slavic women. You can go to AAA and make sure, that once a Slavic woman is in love, she is extremely loyal and dedicated. They will undoubtedly support their men through good and bad days keeping their promises until the end of their lives.


If you think these are the type of girls you are interested in for building a long-lasting relationship, don’t lose time and head over to AAA to find the most beautiful, intelligent, and feminine partner for life!