Age gap relationships as a new trend?

Harry Williams
3 min readJun 1, 2020

“Age doesn’t matter in love” — that’s obviously an expression you’ve heard much before, but never dared to get into an age-gap relationship yourself?

This is quite interesting how many people with age difference find each other and live happily. To know more on this topic, we’ve studies some stories of such relationships. But that was not only the growing statistics of young ladies opting for a mature man, that surprised me; it was the way such couples meet each other. Weather you see a correlation in this or not, many age-gap couples are formed online!

To study the patterns, we were seeking something new and exciting, and checked some websites like a Jolly***.com. And that was definitely WORTH IT! Since we were particularly interested in American men, always considering them as those who had the most cases of successful age-gap coupling, soon we realized that Jolly***.com is the very website popular among American men.

Despite the age variety of users, we decided to set up the preferences towards more mature men. This was perfect for our social study. From the first day of enrollment we felt that Jolly***.com is quite convenient and user friendly and what was the most important for a student, the registration was free of charge. Despite the uncertainly and the fact of not seeing the person who you talk to, the experience seemed quite secure and reliable. Also, we noticed that many Russian women are using the website mainly looking for American men and for some of them, having a language barrier when speaking to Americans, it was handy to use the translation service, that Jolly***.com offers.

You might ask why especially a Russian woman prefers age gap relationships? You know the Ketty Perry song that says, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it?” The same way, once they have the taste of being in an age-gap relationship, they like it so much that don’t ever want to walk away from it.

They like more mature men

Age makes us wiser, and it’s a fact. This applies to both men and women. Mature men are much more intelligent. Not only talking about their brains but also emotionally. Many of the Russian women we talked to on Jolly***.com told that mature men always know what to say and what to do to make a woman smile. They never lose the emotional balance. Even when the woman starts to fight, they is always the bigger person. Sometimes they even says sorry, even though they realizes that the woman is the guilty one.

Mature men have a cultural baggage

Another thing that Russian women prefer in mature American men is how much they loves to learn, and years only gave them more time to learn and grow as a person. They have traveled so and it is always a pleasure to listen to the stories of their adventures. Women on Jolly***.com tell: “They can tell you so many stories about every person they met on their trips that you simply admire their experience and knowledge, tolerance and love towards people of different nationalities”.
When they learn something new, they always brings up an analogy with something they’ve read or seen before, which makes them more interesting to be around.

It’s easier to talk to him

With a man in his 50s or more you can talk every single day for hours, and never get tired of it. Whenever you don’t talk to each other much, it feels like something is missing. Although there is a big age-gap between the couple, they usually get each other’s best friends, and there is nothing they can’t share. A Russian lady, who we also met on Jolly***.com shares: “Maybe it also comes from the fact that those men are retired and have more for me. But whatever the reason, it works perfectly”.
Not saying that all men in their 50s are great and that you are going to have the same wonderful experience with everyone. It still depends on who that person is. But in general, men of age are much more interesting to be with.

So to start your journey into the searches of your beautiful Russian or any other nationality young lady who would love to start a relationship with you, remember, they look up on you and appreciate a lot your smartness and experience. Your age is not only a normal thing, but a gift for every smart woman.